Nova Scotia House Rental Agreement

An annual lease is a contract that is automatically renewed each year. A person who lives in a rental house, called a “tenant,” has a birthday appointment. This anniversary date is the date on which they first signed the lease of the rental unit. If you have signed an annual rental agreement for an apartment. B on May 1, 2013, your birthday is May 1 of each year. Most annual leases have a written lease. For leasing municipalities, Access Nova Scotia`s Residential Tenancies Program will publish an annual amount of the eligible rent increase (AARIA) that landlords must refer to to determine the amount to be paid for a tenant`s rent. AARIA is published on March 1 of each year or before March 1 of each year and applies to all rent increases effective January 1 to December 31 of the following year. Record the status of a rental unit at the beginning and end of a lease (leasing) using the reference report form for the rental unit. Prior to these changes, if a tenant terminated his tenancy agreement without a corresponding termination for an annual tenancy agreement or retired before the end of a fixed-term tenancy agreement, he would have been responsible for paying the rent for the remainder of the tenancy agreement.

If you have left a fixed-term lease. B 4 months before the deadline indicated in the rental agreement, you would have been responsible for paying the rent of these 4 months (although you no longer lived there). This is due to the fact that the rental agreement you signed is a contract in which you agreed to reside in the rental unit and pay the rent of the time stipulated in the tenancy agreement. Community Services Section The information provided is brief, but the list of programs and services available is very useful. Among other things, tenants and landlords can provide documents via e-mail, landlords have only 30 days to hold property that is abandoned and “abandoned” by tenants (from age 60) and landlords can advertise leases if they sell to a new landlord who wants to reside in the unit or allow their family to live in the unit. All annual rents are extended by an additional year if the termination is not granted by either the landlord or the tenant. In order for the lease to be terminated, the termination must take place three months before the anniversary of the first signing of the lease.