Pakistan And Turkey Citizenship Agreement

If the citizens of Pakistan and Turkey could obtain citizenship and dual passports from other countries, this would be the largest bilateral step in the history of the two young nations and would significantly complement their already strong relations. Earlier this month, Pakistan extended the delivery of T129 helicopters on home soil, delayed due to U.S. sanctions on Turkey. In May of last year, Pakistan also included Turkey in its list of visa-free travel, making efforts in the area of tourism and the economy in between. In addition, thanks to this program, for which the demand increases every day, you can also have the right to work, create business, have access to education and health services in Turkey, and then, if you apply for citizenship, you can easily have a Turkish passport and become a Full-rights Turkish citizen. For more information about Pakistan Turkey Dual Citizenship you can contact our office in Pakistan. Pakistan said on Thursday that a plan to sign an agreement with Turkey on granting dual citizenship to citizens of two countries was being considered. If Pakistan and Turkey successfully sign the dual nationality agreement, Pakistani businessmen and real estate investors who wish to expand their activities will benefit from the agreement. ISLAMABAD: Pakistan`s foreign ministry confirmed on Saturday that the country, in cooperation with Turkey, was preparing a draft agreement to grant dual citizenship to citizens of both countries. In his statement, the Turkish ambassador proposed, on behalf of his government, that the two countries sign an agreement on granting dual citizenship to citizens. The Turkish Investor Program is a privileged citizenship program that allows you to achieve this. a Turkish passport with the right to live, work and easily access Schengen.

investing in Turkish real estate. You can obtain Turkish citizenship if you buy real estate worth at least 250,000 USD from each territory of Turkey. The Pakistani authorities are considering signing an agreement with Turkey authorizing dual nationals of both countries.