Plumbers Union Agreement

(12) The Union defends, compensates and considers the employer for all rights arising from the institution and the existence of a union dues programme against the employer, with the exception of the employer`s inability to accuse the union of the trade union rights. (217) As part of the negotiations on the 1987 collective agreement, the parties intended the employer to comply with the provisions of Article IX – removal procedure for unscheduled overtime, provided that the employer had the right to work a worker in a lower priority group if none of the workers in a group was considered a higher priority for the performance of the unscheduled overtime in question. (222) This addendum aims to maintain a strong force in the production of 50 AU Local members and their union partners. For the implementation of this addendum, the employer must be called a commercial Pipe Fabrication Shop. The addendum runs at the same time as the captain`s contract and may be terminated by both parties at the conclusion of this agreement. All the terms and conditions of the framework agreement, which are not revised, amended or removed by the addendum, remain fully in force for the work carried out under this endorsement. As soon as an employer accepts this addition, the employer is automatically bound by the master`s contract. (235) This agreement does not apply to work performed by the contractor of a new type of construction, with work to be carried out in accordance with the existing construction contract. The members of the supervisory committee are appointed by the Joint UA/MSCA Labor Committee, with contributions from the local MCA-Exec and the international representative. The committee consists of an equal number of local contractors for the management of the company and local business leaders for the work.

All local boards within the jurisdiction, local training coordinators, staff officers and the AU international representative, who are associated with the MSCA, should only be invited to each meeting in an advisory capacity. The committee elects its own chairman and secretary. The Chair is responsible for setting up meetings and notifying all committee members. The secretary is responsible for the preservation of minutes and notes. These positions are expected to pass between management and work each year. Meetings should, where possible, take place two to three times a year. Training coordinators should be invited to meetings at least twice a year to report on local training activities/programs. The Committee should be encouraged to visit local training centres. At the end of each meeting, a report with agenda and minutes should be forwarded directly to the AU President and the Executive Director of the MSCA. The report should also contain information on the date of the meeting, participation in the meeting, the points discussed and possible recommendations for the revision of Calendar A, which should be reviewed by the UA/MSCA Joint Working Committee. Typically, an oversight committee monitors a geographic area that spans several local trade union areas or, in many cases, an entire state.

The composition of an oversight committee is therefore broader than any specific local collective agreement committee.