Ppf Framework Agreement

“We were very impressed with the quality of the offers received and were pleased with the calibre of suppliers we have now included in our 4-year contract. The breadth of the public sector delivery experience with our supplier partners is impressive and we look forward to working with and supporting them. The work should be “correct for the first time” for the first time, in accordance with the framework agreement and the appeal agreement. The PPF is seeking a partnership with a number of providers who may be part of a preferred provider framework for coaching services at the PPF. We want to strengthen the current development agenda to increase capacity in all areas. Robbie Blackhurst, Director of Supply Partnership, commented: “This agreement has been ongoing for two years and now allows the Procurements Partnership to provide our public sector clients with a one-stop shop for professional services and contract appointments. The framework is subdivided into sub-regional lots that support the appointment of local and national practices and offer both calls for direct reward projects and further competitions” – Contractor Minor Works – Partnership Acquisition Agreement (Contractor Major Works) – Professional Services Partnership Acquisition Agreement for one coaching, coaching days , executive coaching and group coaching. Companies must provide all services in accordance with PPF`s PPF standards of professionalism and PPF`s ICARE values. The work should be “correct for the first time” at the most favourable time for the Board of Directors and in accordance with the framework agreement and the appeal agreement.

Save my name, email address and website in this browser for the next time I will make a comment. The Pension Protection Fund (PPF) establishes a contract for the provision of coaching services (`services`) in accordance with the Public Procurement Regulation 2015, as part of the restricted procedure. Among the nine successful companies in the tendering process are consultants Mercer, Hymans Robertson, Broadstone Corporate Benefits, Barnett Waddingham and XPS Pensions Consulting. The audit firm Deloitte,… . Lot 2 is for companies with specialized actuarial skills with experience in the pension or insurance sector (which also takes into account long-term risk modeling). These companies will provide more comprehensive, but more specific, actuarial consulting services as part of a pool of providers capable of fulfilling all the specific calls we assign. In addition, Barnett Waddingham, Deloitte, Mercer, XPS Pensions Consulting, Quattro and Spence-Partners were selected for both lots.

These companies will perform a number of tasks, including data collection and analysis; Making management, insurance and wage settlement functions available; actuarial advice Support for specialized projects and advice and services.