User Agreement Amazon

2.7 Payments. Subject to the limits outlined in this Agreement, we will automatically exchange the electronic currency issued to you fourteen (14) days after the first business day during which the corresponding transactions were concluded. Cashing payments are only made by direct deposit into your bank account. In addition to current account limits, we may limit transactions on or from your reseller account, or limit access to your electronic currency in such amounts and for the time being, that we consider reasonably necessary to protect ourselves or other users, if: a) we are exposed to financial risk (including, b) you have breached a clause in this Agreement, (c) we are not in a position to verify your identity, (d) disputes concerning your distributor account or their transaction related to it, or (e) that are necessary to protect the security of our systems. We may limit access to your electronic money for the time it takes to complete an ongoing investigation or resolve an ongoing dispute. We may also maintain your electronic currency in accordance with the legal or judicial obligation, or if this is requested by other means by law enforcement or by a state agency. c. language services. Your product may have functions that allow you to access Alexa language services or perform certain tasks, such as ordering.

B of your product, searching, weather verification or exploiting other related products. If you use language services, we process your language entry and other information (for example. B location) in the cloud to meet your requests and improve your experience and our services. Your use of Alexa is subject to The terms of use of Alexa ( Learn more about Alexa language services and how they work in, including deleting voice recordings related to your account. 9.1 From you. They assure us and assure us that: (a) you have the right to register and use the Service and to have the right, power and ability to conclude and execute under this Agreement and to grant the rights, licences and authorizations you grant under this Agreement; (b) the name you mentioned when you registered is your name or company name under which you sell products and services; (c) any sale transaction you have filed is a sale in good faith by you, as stated on your website; (d) you only use the service for your own data and not for other people or entities; (e) all sales transactions you have forwarded and all product information will be accurately described by your products and/or services; (f) You will fulfill all of your obligations to each user for whom you submit a transaction and will directly resolve all consumer disputes or claims with the buyer and, if applicable, the buyer`s litigation program; (g) you and all transactions you have initiated will comply with all laws, rules and rules applicable to your business, including all tax laws and regulations; (h) you will describe with precision and in accordance with applicable laws your use of personal data and your use of the Service in your Privacy Policy; (i) any sale transactions you have submitted through the service, except in the normal context of your business, do not constitute a sale to a customer, partner, owner or owner of your business; and (j) do not use the service, directly or indirectly, for fraudulent businesses or, in any way, to interfere with the use of the service; (k) you and your financial institutions are not subject to sanctions or are identified on a list of prohibited or restricted parties or in possession or control of such a party; including, but not limited to, lists drawn up by the United Nations Security Council, the United States government (for example. B the list of specially designated U.S. Treasury nationals and the list of agents of foreign sanctions evasion and the list of entities of the U.S. Department of Commerce), the United Kingdom, the European Union or its Member States or any other governing authority