Wix Burn No License Agreement

I created a WiX startup trapper project. When the installation is executed, a license agreement is displayed. If you work in the software packaging industry, you may have heard of WIX Bootstrapper. This was released by Microsoft in 2004, and it was the first open source licensing project for them. Permission is granted, free of charge, to anyone who receives a copy of this software and associated documentation files (the “software”); to process software without restriction, including, but not only, the rights to use, copy, modify, merge, publish, distribute, sublicensing and/or sell copies of the Software, and to allow the people to whom the Software is made available to do so under the following conditions: If a WixStdBA theme displays the license as a hyperlink, the license is optional. Enter an empty channel for WixStandardStrapperApplication/@LicenseUrl—The accepted hypertext and license control box doesn`t show up, providing an “unauthorized” installation experience. If you use a WixStdBA design that indicates the RTF license, it is highly recommended to replace the license, because by default, the reference text “Lorem ipsum” is used. In the following example, a license file is used.rtf that is found in the “path” folder -to in relation to the left-hand link paths. Some files can be granted under another license. Full license information can be found in the LICENSE file. stackoverflow.com/questions/16978501/how-to-create-a-bootstrapper-application-without-a-license-agreement-step I use a custom theme to get rid of the licensing phase.

You can see how it works here. WixStandardstrapperApplication has three variants, as explained in the documents. HyperlinkLicense is the simplest. It has a license link on the welcome page instead of a license page. You can specify an empty URL for the license, in which case the link does not appear. For example, the WiX Standard Bootstrapper (WixStdBA) app supports displaying a license in RTF format and/or connecting to a license file available locally or on the web. The license file is shown in the bal element:WixStandardBootstrapperApplication with the LicenseFile or LicenseUrl attribute, depending on the WixStdBA design used. The following example refers to a license page on the Internet. I want to create a tug without that step, because I don`t want it to show a licensing agreement.

Is it possible to do that? If so, how? I found another option – stackoverflow.com/questions/597025/how-to-build-a-minimal-wix-installer-ui-without-a-license-page But is not able to integrate into your model [WixSetup]. Can you help me? To use the WiX Standard Bootstrapper app, an item should refer to one of the above identifiers. The example below uses the bootstrapper app that displays the license: add the balExtension name definition to the Wix item in your Bundle file: As you can see, we have two lines in our batch file. The first line is aimed at candle.exe, the WIX compiler.