Edenred Salary Sacrifice Agreement

You can buy child care cheques while you take paid time off. However, you cannot buy the vouchers during a salary period if you do not receive a salary, as the expenses are directly deducted from your salary. Childcare vouchers can only be purchased during a reduced payment period if you have enough salary to buy the vouchers. Payments for other elements of remuneration are calculated on the basis of the total salary before the “salary victim” is made. In particular, a reduced salary level does not affect anything else: you cannot change the terms of this agreement at any other time. Yes, if you remain eligible (see above). However, the maximum amount you can pay out of your salary in childcare vouchers remains £243 per parent per month, regardless of the number of children you have. You make pension contributions on your initial base salary before the victim is made. Employer contributions are also based on your original basic salary before the victim is made.

As a result, they do not suffer any loss of salary or pension-related benefits. If your circumstances change, which means you stop paying for child care, you might want to reduce or stop your childcare costs, so you don`t build too much surplus and/or have a higher amount of money in your pocket. Whether you can get a salary alternative to the vouchers you bought depends on the terms of the system set by your employer in the agreement you signed. Please review these terms and conditions and, if applicable, discuss them with your employer. It is quite common for employer plans not to allow this. If you are part of your employer-supported child care system, you may be part of a wage waiver agreement where you have agreed to receive less wages (up to a limit) in exchange for employer child care cheques (or directly contractual child care cheques) and, therefore, receive tax and social security (NI) contributions on the value of your supported child care cheques. by the employer. . . .