Regarding the Apple Watch

I was surprised to see articles sprouting up on the Web today regarding the Apple Watch’s release date.  While it’s all well and good to levy conjecture and prognosticate upon when we might be seeing Apple’s newest consumer venture, it’s folly to predicate any guesses upon previous product launches.

Tim Cook said himself that they could have shipped Apple Watch sooner, but didn’t feel that it met the quality standards that they have for new products. So, they were inclined to wait.  There’s no mystery here.  Were there setbacks in development?  Almost certainly.  Would they have liked to have launched sooner?  Likely.  But the war cry at Apple is that “there are a thousand no’s for every yes”, and that mantra lends well to the belief that they went into development with their eyes wide open.

The only thing we know for certain is that the Apple Watch is at a late enough stage in development that Apple can confidently say that it’s arrival will be sometime in early 2015.

Aside from that, anything else is someone’s best guess.

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