Sample Of A Referral Agreement

It`s a big one. A qualified recommendation is a business lead that has already been verified and communicated by your agent. In contrast, an uns qualified recommendation can be as little as a name or phone number. If you only want a list of potential interested people, you only need un qualified recommendations. However, if you`re looking for qualified leads, be sure to indicate that. 2. Recommendation Agreement. On the effective date of this Agreement, the Partner may, from time to time, refer customers/potential customers to the Company. The company pays the affiliate a fee for these recommendations. Neither the referral costs nor any other amount are due to the advertiser if (i) the recipient does not enter into an agreement for the provision of services to an authorized interested party, (ii) an agreement between the recipient and an authorized interested party is terminated by the recipient, whether or not due to a delay on the part of the recipient, without payment having been received by the recipient, or (iii) the recipient does not receive payment from the authorized interested party. The recipient must pay the applicable referral fee to the advertiser within thirty (30) days of receipt of the non-refundable payment from the authorized interested party. The addressee acknowledges that the referral fee is the only compensation that the legal secretary receives as part of the efforts of the recommendation beneficiary and that the full goodwill and benefits resulting from those efforts benefit exclusively the recipient. This document is an agreement between ____Superior Alcohol and Drug Program and _____(Treatment Provider) with respect to the referral of court-ordered offenders to the designated agency.

Status: Victim Transfer Agreement, the agreement on which local protocols for transfers to the victims` centre should be based. Here are some of the most common types of recommendation convention templates you can use: To manage a recommendation activity, you need to keep the recommendation restoration efforts active by always being on the front line and building as many touch points as possible on the way…