Scana Energy Landlord Agreement

Market price plans are variable and change each month with the current market price of natural gas. Fixed price plans offer a guaranteed price for the duration of the contract. We don`t need a contract for market price plans. However, by accepting True Natural Gas` gas service, you agree to our terms and conditions of sale. The general conditions of sale are available on our website or will be sent to you by e-mail on request. We do not need a written contract for fixed price plans. We will send you a disclosure statement with the duration of the plan and the price of the goods you have accepted. You will receive them by mail within seven business days after AGL has confirmed that you have successfully registered with True Natural Gas. You have up to three days after receiving the disclosure statement to terminate your request. Once you have signed up for a fixed price plan, you are bound by the duration of your selection and the conditions for early termination. A written contract is required for specialized product offerings for large commercial customers.

Whether or not there is a written contract, customers are required to remain in the service plan for the duration of the contract. It depends on the terms of your rental agreement and the contractual agreements between you and your landlord. If the lease provides for an individual service account, you may have a choice in your provider. If there is a master meter covering all the fireplaces in the building, the management of your complex chooses a distributor for the entire building. Please inquire about the management of your complex to be sure. Scana Energy 877-467-2262 A therm is an energy measurement equivalent to 100,000 BTUs. A BTU or British Thermal Unit is the amount of heat needed to increase the temperature of a pound of water by one degree Fahrenheit. To give you an idea of the size, the typical house consumes about 700 thermal baths per year. The gas you consume is recorded by the gas meter in volume (cubic foot) instead of energy. On your bill, you will see a thermal factor (BTU factor) that indicates the amount of heat or “thermal content” per hundred cubic feet (CCF) contained in the gas you are using. This factor is used to turn your use into thermal baths. Vonage Phone Broad Band – Vonage Work Phone: 800-705-7092 Lead on Cinematic Trailer for AMC “The Walking Dead: No Man`s Land” Fulton Water Company 404-730-6830 If you qualify, individuals 65 years of age or older and with a total annual income of US$25,520 or less can benefit from a reduction in True Natural Gas` monthly after-sales service fee of US$5.95.