Sparqs Student Partnership Agreements

The AQA is the Higher Education Quality Assurance Agency and works across Scotland to promote a quality student experience. Three working groups have been established to advance work on this year`s themes. This year`s work includes transportation, student funding, and the student community. These are three themes that the students addressed as themes they want to see this year at the SPA. The latest news from the SPA is published here and in our student network newsletter. Our main partners are the university! In 2015-2016, we developed a student partnership agreement that outlines the principles and expectations of the partnership between SAUWS and UWS / Students and Collaborators and what we want to achieve together. The main themes of the agreement were representation, evaluation and feedback as well as well-being. The Student Partnership Agreement defines how students and staff can work together to improve the student experience. Sparqs was well placed to develop this idea and, with the agreement of the Scottish Government, began to engage in discussions with the industry on the specifics of the Student Partnership Agreement model. This model corresponds to the Scottish contexts of student engagement and quality improvement. We also provide ongoing support and advice to institutions and student associations, if you have any comments or questions about student partnership agreements or instructions, please contact Stef Black. More recent work, intended to help institutions and their students better understand student partnership and engagement, is the development of our Student Engagement Analysis Workshop for the period 2019-2020. This can have a useful impact on the form and content of ASAs.

Advice and information on student engagement in quality is provided by sparqs (student partnerships in quality Scotland). Student partnership agreements were first outlined in the Scottish Government`s putting learners at the Centre, which offers a document refining how students and their institutions interact. Together with ENSA, we are committed to offering and encouraging students to participate in activities that influence the quality of learning and teaching at Edinburgh Napier. For more information, see our student partnership agreement. We have also developed a poster/handout that describes what student partnership agreements are, its benefits and how to develop one, including how sparqs can help you! QuEST is the quality enhancement support team at UWS and works with SAUWS and other parts of the university to improve the student experience. To find out more about the current enlargement themes, click here. Student partnership agreements are a way for student associations and institutions to promote ways for students to interact with their institution`s staff in order to improve quality. This guide was developed following the launch of a discussion between sparqs and the sector on the specifics of the model partnership agreement for students. In November 2013, sparqs published the guide for the development and implementation of a student partnership agreement in universities. Regardless of the stage of the institutions around ASAs, from research to audit, it can be helpful to talk to others who are going through the same processes and dealing with the same issues. In this context, sparqs organised two events in October 2015, one for universities (15 October) and the other for higher education institutions (22 October).

Here are some of the organizations we work with to ensure that UWS students are well represented. Just click on the name of the organization to learn more about it. The document was developed in light of the recommendations of the post-16 Education Green Paper, in which all Scottish universities advocated a Student Partnership Agreement (SPA) with their student association. . . .