The Four Agreements Book Target

“All these old chords that dominate our dream of life are the result of repeated repetition,” Ruiz writes. “To adopt the four agreements, you have to put repetition into practice. If you practice the new chords in your life, your best will be better. Repetition makes the Master. Explore your book, then go straight back to the point where you stopped Page Flip. The four agreements put in place a simple but powerful code of conduct to achieve personal freedom and true happiness. Now, The Four Agreements Companion Book takes you even further on the journey to restore the consciousness and wisdom of your authentic self. This companion book is a must not only for those who enjoyed Don Miguel`s first book, but also for all those who are ready to turn the page on suffering and master the art of living in our natural condition: happiness. The accompanying book contains: • How to break the domestication that keeps you enslaved by fear • Keys to restoring your will, faith and the strength of your word • Training ideas that help you become the master of your own life • A dialogue with Don Miguel about the life of the Four Accords • The success storities of people who have used the Four Accords”The four chords are a tool of transformation, This leads you to stop judging and practice a different way of life. Don Miguel Ruiz India aims to install 100 GW and 300 GW of solar power respectively by 2022 and 2030. Despite some technical and regulatory issues, India`s commitment remains strong. “You need a very strong will to accept the Four Agreements – but if you can start living your life with these agreements, the transformation in your life will be amazing.” from The Four Accords by Don Miguel Ruiz If you have not yet read the Four Agreements, give up everything and resign this situation immediately. And then re-read every six months. Don`t worry, you can turn it off in a few hours.

Below you will find the shortest summary of the four agreements referred to . . .