What Is A Motor Carrier Agreement

The DOT and FMCSA use SAFER (Safety and Fitness Electronic Records System) to provide an accurate electronic record of a company`s identification, size, merchandise information and safety records, including safety assessment. SAFER is a powerful tool for verifying company information and, most importantly, for identifying the engine carrier safety assessment. The ideal security rating is “Satisfactory” and often a “Conditional” rating shows some security issues. Finally, when entering into a contract with an engine carrier, always make sure that the brokerage agreement is signed and concluded before negotiating a cargo. The most important document you need to collect as a broker is the know-how fee. A BOL or bill of lading is a document issued by the motor carrier as a freight receipt for shipment. Some claims take time to resolve, and it`s important to look at the financial strength of the insurance provider to see if they`ll be in business for the next 5 years. .