Consumer Reports tells everyone to climb off their high horse

When Consumer Reports didn’t recommend a product, people listened.  Despite the best in class display, game-changing gyro integration, and industry-leading camera, CR gave the iPhone 4 a damning thumbs down at the end of the day.

Why?  A flawed industrial design that ultimately led to dropped calls when held the wrong way.

Fast forward to 2014, and the Internet is abuzz.  The clamor feels near identical to that which surrounded the iPhone 4 release.  Instead of a flawed antenna, we have reports that the iPhone 6 bends too much.

So again, along comes Consumer Reports, the standard of reporting when it comes to non-technophiles.  And what do they say?  Do they add fuel to the argument that the iPhone 6 is inherently flawed?

No.  Instead, they refute the reports that the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus bend too much under normal use, comparing them to other phones such as the HTC One and LG G3.  As noted on [Macrumors]:

Overall, the magazine notes that while none of the phones they tested were indestructible, all devices tested should hold up fine under everyday use.

Can we put this one to bed now?

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